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Label: Acoustic Music Records

Genre: Guitar

Subgenre: Fingerstyle

Artist: Peter Finger

Composer: Peter Finger

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FLAC 44.1 $ 13.20
  • 1Prelude00:38
  • 2Crossing Roots04:51
  • 3Passing Clouds04:22
  • 4Vive La Vie05:04
  • 5Night Traveller04:29
  • 6Heading East05:43
  • 7Onkel Frédéric03:40
  • 8Intermezzo00:42
  • 9Spice Of Life07:02
  • 10Andante04:49
  • 11Allegro03:47
  • 12Ausklang00:42
  • Total Runtime45:49

Info for Flow

Peter Finger, who hails from Osnabrück, already moved away from straight folk-blues alternating bass picking early on. Taking ideas from progressive rock and classical modern music and introducing them into his fingerstyle playing, he forged himself a new musical identity: incredible finger skills combined with boundless creative curiosity as well as an inexhaustible wealth of styles and expression. From great lyricism to parforce hunting and all the nuances in between, Peter Finger conjures highly melodic, orchestral expression from his steel strings. Stravinsky, Satie and Bach shimmer through his music without ever betraying the spirit of fingerpicking. And so his latest work, 'Flow', offers a staggering display of indescribable fantasy, a mix of Caribbean, baroque, jazz, samba and unsentimental ballads, masterfully cast into tangible structures – and always animated by the innocent momentum of folk and the spicy groove and vibrato of the blues.

Peter Finger

was born in Weimar, Germany, in 1954 (his father was a conductor). Before beginning guitar lessons at the age of 13, Finger studied both violin and piano.

Since the mid-'70s, Finger has been issuing albums (1975's Detlef & Finger and Bottleneck Guitar Solos, plus 1977's Acoustic Rock Guitar), and toured the world on a regular basis, including shows in his native Germany, as well as the U.S.A., Canada, Japan, England, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Finland, Poland, Estonia, and Russia. The guitarist then branched out into other areas, including producing music for both TV, radio, and film, plus composing for orchestras. In 1988, Finger founded his own publishing company and record label (Acoustic Music Records), and in 1995, he became the publisher of ~Akustik Gitarre magazine. The '90s also saw further solo releases from Finger, including such titles as 1990's The Colors of the Night, 1995's Innenleben and Solo, 1999's Open Strings, and a ten-track 2001 compilation, The Collection.

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