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Label: Artesuono

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Vocal

Interpret: Elsa Martin & Stefano Battaglia

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FLAC 96 $ 13,40
  • 1Ciampanis02:15
  • 2Prejere08:11
  • 3La luna e la farfalla05:05
  • 4Canaa sulla puarta10:46
  • 5Sumiant la religion04:57
  • 6Anin a gris04:49
  • 7Elementare07:24
  • 8Sfueâi05:29
  • 9Ciampanis (var.)09:16
  • 10L'aunar11:40
  • 11Elementare (var.)06:20
  • Total Runtime01:16:12

Info zu Sfueâi

It is the distant and the neighbor that meet in the present. They are memories and visions that are found in the inflections of an ancient language that in the contemporary rediscovers the purity of its origins. It is the poetry of a shining song that comes from the strings of a multiform voice. It is the lyric of a piano that re-equates the harmony of the variations of a rooted koiné. It is the archaic tension and relaxation with and towards nature. The council of being on earth that is gathered in that homeland that houses all the elements. In that small compendium of the universe called Friuli. It is a limbo of different languages ??that are combined to create a polyvalent, versatile, universal metalanguage.

Elsa Martin and Stefano Battaglia compose Sfueâi together with the most representative poets of the twentieth century Friulian, reviving them from a hidden eternity to show them in daily life and in the contingent through multiple languages. Music and poetry enrich each other, rediscovering their original unity, mediating and smoothing the boundaries of a middle ground that is focal point in the meeting of many cultures. Lots, creations, sharing, heterogeneous sounds in the name and language of timeless poets. The Friulian of Casarsa by Pier Paolo Pasolini, the Italian of the Friulian Pierluigi Cappello, the Speaking of Navarons by Novella Cantarutti, of Varmo by Amedeo Giacomini, the andreano of Federico Tavan, the Speaking of San Daniele by Maria Di Gleria. They are voices, like the tesserae of a linguistic mosaic that moves from a new palette of musicality, making us directly part of a rich drapery between poetic art and the art of sounds. (Alessio Screm)

Elsa Martin, vocals
Stefano Battaglia, piano

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