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Label: IBS Classical

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

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  • Enrique Granados (1867 - 1916): Valses Poéticos:
  • 1Introduction: Vivace molto01:23
  • 2No. 1. Melodico01:05
  • 3No. 2. Tempo de Vals noble01:21
  • 4No. 3. Tempo de Vals lento02:05
  • 5No. 4. Allegro humoristico00:53
  • 6No. 5. Allegretto01:30
  • 7No. 6. Quasi ad libitum01:15
  • 8No. 7. Vivo00:57
  • 9No. 8. Presto00:41
  • 10Tempo di valse01:42
  • Manuel Saumell Robredo (1818 - 1870):
  • 11Los ojos de Pepa (Pepa's Eyes) (arr. J. Ortega for guitar)01:32
  • Ignacio Cervantes (1847 - 1905):
  • 12Invitacion (Invitation) (arr. J. Clerch for guitar)02:16
  • 13Los tres golpes (The 3 Blows) (arr. J. Ortega for guitar)01:25
  • Ernesto Lecuona (1895 - 1963):
  • 14La Comparsa y Guajira a mi madre (arr. J. Clerch for guitar)01:59
  • Agustín Barrios Mangoré (1862 - 1918):
  • 15Vals, Op. 8, No. 303:55
  • 16Vals, Op. 8, No. 403:49
  • Ástor Piazzolla (1921 - 1992): Las 4 Estaciones portenas (The Four Seasons):
  • 17IV. Invierno porteno (arr. S. Assad for guitar)05:40
  • 18Adios Nonino (arr. C. Tirao for guitar)04:36
  • Joaquín Rodrigo (1901 - 1999):
  • 19Un tiempo fue Italica famosa07:31
  • Enrique Granados:
  • 20No. 1. Vivo02:42
  • 21No. 2. Andante01:31
  • 22No. 3. Vivo00:56
  • 23No. 4. Dolente01:21
  • 24No. 5. Allegro appassionato01:17
  • 25No. 6. Andantino amoroso00:51
  • 26No. 7. Allegro pastoral01:34
  • 27No. 8. Con sentimiento02:00
  • 28No. 9. Dolente01:08
  • 29No. 10. Allegro01:22
  • Total Runtime01:00:17

Info zu Allá donde se habla el castellano

Exotic Hispanic sounds with savour of rum, wood and nostalgia: Allá donde se habla el castellano is a tour of those musics, intermixed from Cuba to Spain, Paraguay or Argentina, through the strings of the guitar, an instrument resting between America and Spain, born of the fusion of Christian and Moslem cultures in the Spanish Middle Ages and Renaissance. Even in the eighteenth century, Santiago de Murcia’s volumes, found in Mexico, point to a great variety of musical cultures, with works in Spanish, French and Italian style, and other intrinsically American genres. Dating from the end of that century, a Libro de Zifra found in Lima with minuets and sonatas in the style of Domenico Scarlatti, points to the transition to classicism and provides a sample of the music heard in the salons of Lima between 1790 and 1810. America has enriched the guitar repertoire of the romantic and contemporary centuries, breathing new life into it and igniting passion for the instrument in composers and performers.

The Cuban guitarist Joaquín Clerch (Havana, 1965), a musician with a broad training and the inspiration for this project, has carefully selected a repertoire that he interprets with an innovative artistic vision, a body of shared objects, a treasury of past musics, cementing the foundations of this profoundly Hispanic artist.

Joaquín Clerch, classical guitar

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