Massenet: Songs with Orchestra Orchestre de chambre de Paris & Hervé Niquet

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Label: Bru Zane

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Interpret: Orchestre de chambre de Paris & Hervé Niquet

Komponist: Jules Emile Frederic Massenet (1842-1912)

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FLAC 96 $ 15,70
  • Jules Massenet (1842 - 1912): Pensée de printemps:
  • 1Massenet: Pensée de printemps02:43
  • Le poète et le fantôme:
  • 2Massenet: Le poète et le fantôme03:45
  • Hymne d’amour:
  • 3Massenet: Hymne d’amour03:50
  • Amoureuse:
  • 4Massenet: Amoureuse03:04
  • Si tu veux, mignonne:
  • 5Massenet: Si tu veux, mignonne02:49
  • Chant provençal:
  • 6Massenet: Chant provençal02:43
  • Rêverie de Colombine:
  • 7Massenet: Rêverie de Colombine01:57
  • Souvenez-vous, Vierge Marie !:
  • 8Massenet: Souvenez-vous, Vierge Marie !04:07
  • Les enfants:
  • 9Massenet: Les enfants02:30
  • Pensée d’automne:
  • 10Massenet: Pensée d’automne04:27
  • Baiser-Impromptu:
  • 11Massenet: Baiser-Impromptu01:30
  • Je t’aime:
  • 12Massenet: Je t’aime01:52
  • À Colombine:
  • 13Massenet: À Colombine02:11
  • Scène religieuse:
  • 14Massenet: Scène religieuse01:46
  • Sœur d’élection:
  • 15Massenet: Sœur d’élection02:29
  • Crépuscule:
  • 16Massenet: Crépuscule01:40
  • Aurore:
  • 17Massenet: Aurore01:47
  • Pitchounette:
  • 18Massenet: Pitchounette01:44
  • L’improvisatore:
  • 19Massenet: L’improvisatore02:33
  • Les fleurs:
  • 20Massenet: Les fleurs03:06
  • Menuet d’amour:
  • 21Massenet: Menuet d’amour01:54
  • Marquise:
  • 22Massenet: Marquise03:04
  • On dit !:
  • 23Massenet: On dit !02:44
  • Musette:
  • 24Massenet: Musette03:30
  • La Chanson de Musette:
  • 25Massenet: La Chanson de Musette02:41
  • Total Runtime01:06:26

Info zu Massenet: Songs with Orchestra

First world recording of 22 songs: Massenet was not only the composer of Manon and Werther. In the shadow of his stage works slumber many mélodies decked out in subtle and delicate orchestrations, which we are delighted to revive here. These previously unrecorded works have been entrusted to a team of first-rate artists, most of them fervent champions of French poetry and its musical settings.

The Palazzetto Bru Zane team has been taking interest in mélodies with orchestral accompaniment for years, and just unveiled a body of Massenet’s work that were virtually unknown. How could such a body of work have remained unpublished for so long, despite the quality of the poems (some of them by Hugo), the originality of their orchestration, the care lavished on the vocal writing which makes them a real pleasure for the performer, and the signature of such a celebrated composer? This mass of compositions – probably more than a thousand titles in all – consists mostly of pieces that are still unpublished and, for that reason, have never been recorded. To pay appropriate homage to the variety of this repertory, to its atmospheres that combine the rusticity of the musette with the quivering lyricism of love and the fervour of mystical ecstasy, one must be meticulous in the choice of solo. The crystalline voice of Jodie Devos, the bright timbre of Cyrille Dubois and the flexibility of Chantal Santon Jeffery are matched by the intense vocal chiaroscuro of Nicole Car and Étienne Dupuis, and the oft-praised shimmering line of Véronique Gens in the mélodie, of which she is one of the leading specialists. The Orchestre de Chambre de Paris encounters here a repertory ideally suited to its size, and Hervé Niquet’s precise and lively baton skilfully grasps and structures Massenet’s kaleidoscope of musical intentions.

Cyrille Dubois, tenor
Véronique Gens, soprano
Étienne Dupuis, baritone
Nicole Car, soprano
Jodie Devos, soprano
Chantal Santon Jeffery, soprano
Orchestre de Chambre de Paris
Hervé Niquet, conductor

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