Unexpected Marla Glen

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Label: Mohr Publishing Ltd.

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Soul

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FLAC 44.1 $ 15,00
  • 1No Reasons04:47
  • 2I Pity the Fool04:11
  • 3Steppin' Up03:23
  • 4Who's the Blame04:14
  • 5Prove All Your Lovin'04:33
  • 6Ordinary04:51
  • 7Groove That Thang04:33
  • 8Hey04:11
  • 91 0N 104:02
  • 10Smoking Joking Laughing02:18
  • 11Hoarderers04:59
  • 12I Don't Care03:22
  • 13What Time Is It Till Love04:17
  • 14Forever and Ever04:28
  • Total Runtime58:09

Info zu Unexpected

Kompromisslos, virtuos und spielfreudig haut einem Marla Glen hier mit Leichtigkeit Perle nach Perle um die Ohren.

Was Ausnahmesängerin Marla Glen mit ihrem nunmehr siebten Studioalbum vorlegt, ist abwechslungsreich und unvorhersehbar wie nie das, was wir hier unbedarft Soul nennen können, scheint aus allen Teilen der Welt zu kommen. Und aus allen Teilen des Körpers. Kompromisslos, virtuos und spielfreudig mit aufregenden Arrangements unterstützt, haut einem Marla Glen hier mit Leichtigkeit Perle nach Perle um die Ohren. Vom Sixties-Soul-Pop von No reasons, in dem Marla sich intensiv von einer der schwersten Zeiten in ihrem bisherigen Leben verabschiedet, über die präzise gluckernden Afrobeats von Who's the blame, einer viersprachigen Abrechnung mit afrikanischen Bürgerkriegs-Tendenzen, zu unbeschwerten Funkgrooves wie Prove all your lovin' bietet UNEXPECTED dem Hörer eine spannende Reise an, so weit von Schema F entfernt wie Sydney von Oslo, und das auf den Punkt und mit größter Liebe zum Detail produziert.

"Ein breiter Stilmix – dank Hingabe, Verve und toller Reibeisenstimme aber nicht beliebig." (Audio)

"Auch bei den restlichen Tracks steht ihre rauchige Stimme klar im Vordergrund, ganz egal, ob sie beim klassischen Soul bleibt oder einen ihrer Ausflüge in Richtung Pop, Jazz oder Blues unternimmt. Ach ja, der Schenker der Mundharmonika war natürlich kein Geringerer als Muddy Waters!" (Good Times)

"Die aus Chicago stammende Sängerin (...) liebt die Vielfalt und profiliert sich – gerade im Kontrast zu den oft austauschbaren Pop-Sternchen – als absolute Charakterstimme." (Stereo)

"... gewaltige Stimmvolumen, gefällige Arrangements, und wer Glens Charme, Esprit und Ausdruck mag, wird auch diesmal begeistert sein." (stereoplay)

Marla Glen, Gesang
Catrin Groth, Baritonsaxofon, Tenorsaxofon, Flöte
Olaf Krüger, Trompete
Ludwig Götz, Posaune
Drazen Zalac, Gitarre
Katrin Ebbert, Bass
Gereon Basso, Schlagzeug
Benny Mokross, Percussion
Bruno Seletkovic, Klavier
Claudine Abusu, Hintergrundgesang

Marla Glen
Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Marla Glen has been in the music business for over 30 years, with no plans on stopping any time soon!

At the age of 5, at a neighborhood birthday party, Marla received a plastic toy harmonica given to him by the great late Muddy Waters. Marla immediately fell in love with the instrument, learning to master it with years going by. By the time Marla was a teenager, a musically gifted artist had already begun to play other instruments including drums, guitar, congas, clarinet, and other wind instruments.

By the age of 18, Marla began drifting throughout the United States, playing open mic nights in cities such as Chicago, Detroit, New York, and California. California was where the artist had a chance to meet and work for the legend, Ms. Nina Simone. Marla also happened to meet Mr. Bo Diddley while traveling around California. It was during this time that both Simone and Diddley would find themselves grooming the artist with pointers and advice for the young musician.

In 1990, the young singer/songwriter drifted to Bourbon Street in New Orleans looking to play on the many open-mic night stages and never-ending audiences of tourists. While performing in the town, Marla’s name was entered into a contest and he won the opportunity to travel to France to perform at a festival. The festival was in the town of Niort, which hosted a crowd of eight thousand people. Of course, Marla was a hit!

Within 5 short years after arriving in France, the artist had obtained a record deal, and received platinum and gold awards for the highly successful albums “This is Marla Glen” in 1993, “Love and Respect” in 1995, and the unforgettable top-10, hits "Believer” and “Cost of Freedom”.

Marla was only 11 years old when he wrote his first song, "Repertoire", a title that has won three gold records, and one platinum, one of which appears in 1996 release, “Love and Respect”. The artist received radio airplay throughout Europe, parts of the United States and was offered TV shows, movies, commercials, and other musical opportunities.

In 1995, the song "Believer" was used for a commercial of the clothing company C & A. And, in 2000/2001 Marla’s remake of James Brown hit, “It’s A Man’s World” was used in a commercial for men's fragrance Tabac. Following the success of the records, Marla graced across many stages all over Europe, gaining fans wherever he stepped!

After achieving success, the singer was taken through a series of career highs and lows, but regardless, Marla hasn’t stopped delivering amazing music! Marla is a survivor, original in every way, and continues to wow audiences in every way! The raspy-voiced singer, who sings across musical styles, has never stopped performing a plethora of songs in an array of styles including pop, rock, blues, gospel, reggae, house, soul, jazz and African ethno music.

When it comes to creating high-quality music, Marla delivers! With a new team in place, Marla has found a way to move forward with his hot new release, the “UNEXPECTED”. Album is a list of great tunes, delivering the expected sounds of an artist to be reckoned with, and an unstoppable voice!

Last but not least, stay tuned for an authorized Marla Glen biography written by Stacey McClain scheduled to be released soon!

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