Travelling Without Moving Rhythmic Theory

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Label: Ancient Monarchy

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Ambient

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  • 1Ceti Alpha04:25
  • 2Machine State03:20
  • 3The Bends06:46
  • 4Travelling Without Moving06:52
  • Total Runtime21:23

Info zu Travelling Without Moving

The second Rhythmic Theory release for Ancient Monarchy finds him in a more eclectic mood. Travelling Without Moving and The Bends sound like an interesting mixture of the "heads down" of the Blue Note Metalheadz era and the industrial heaviness of early No U Turn releases, with a taste of Detroit techno. Ceti Alpha and Machine State don't sound like the classic weak ambient tunes that most dance music producers create, to show they can also do this kind of stuff. They sound like a well thought out effort to create a cinematic sound that recalls the classic Brian Eno wall of sound, and the expansiveness of Artemiev soundtracks. Rhythmic Theory cannot do wrong these days.

After debuting the Ancient Monarchy sublabel with Lucid State/Shores of Caladan back in 2015, Rhythmic Theory has gone and done it again with a brand new 4-tracker that serves as a new benchmark for his future discography – this is an outstanding set of tunes.

“Travelling Without Moving” sees Rhythmic Theory at his most refined – and deadly. An intro of space-age pads and phased ‘n’ flanged hats give way to a flurry of percussive fury, quick in step but so god-damn heavy it nearly hurts. Every moment feels deliberate, every thud and crack moulded, sculpted and placed for absolute impact. Then the vocal sample…

“The Bends” does things half-step, but it’s no slouch. Polyrhythms abound and keep the track on its toes, with kicks as hard as rock keeping the pace rolling. Metallic, resonant percussion fills out the rest of the rhythm section, and Rhythmic Theory’s classic pads and atmospheres top it all off in this bruising, DMZ-style roller.

The other two tunes here see Rhythmic Theory go beatless. “Ceti Alpha V” sounds like the intro to a golden-era DJ Crystl tune – gorgeous gated synth, blasts of sub and creepy risers – the influence is obvious but the execution is formidable. Last up, the Eno-esque “Machine State” is the cool down – resonant, filtered atmos and a lone synth line bring the EP to a close, leaving you wondering what on Earth just went on…

Rhythmic Theory

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