Katharsis Janne Schaffer

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Label: Sony / Legacy Recordings

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Fusion

Interpret: Janne Schaffer

Komponist: Janne Schaffer

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  • 1Bromma Struttin'05:30
  • 2Stocking Suite09:27
  • 3The Blue Gate07:09
  • 4Dimbaa Jullow05:05
  • 5Ramsa02:37
  • 6Atlanta Inn 241908:37
  • 7The Red Gate04:25
  • 8Wintergreen02:05
  • Total Runtime44:55

Info zu Katharsis

„Katharsis: purification by shock or fear. Few albums have a less well selected title, for if there is one thing that Janne Schaffer's Katharsis is not, this would be it. Katharsis is extremely well played and smoothly produced, and mixes African and Arabic influences with jazz fusion. Most of it is guitar-based, but never to the extent where it verges on masturbation, Schaffer is too disciplined, and maybe too humble, to fall into that trap. This mix could have been exciting and funky. It could even have been shocking, though that isn't necessary. But instead, the entire album is very harmless. Not bad, not for example like when Schaffer, in a collaboration with Björn Jason Lindh in the late '80s, produced something that could be branded Muzak. It is just so very non-disturbing. There is attitude in some songs, or soul if you prefer, but you have to look deep down, beneath the production and probably even beneath the intention: Buried so deep down, the attitude may be a leftover from Schaffer's first two solo albums, because on these he was something more than just nice. Niceness may not be the worst of traits, but in Schaffer's case there seem to be corresponding curves through his career, where increasing kindness is followed by decreasing quality.“ (Lars Lovén, AMG)

Janne Schaffer, guitar, vocals
Lars Jansson, keyboards
Lennart Aberg, soprano saxophone
John 'Rabbit' Bundrick, piano
Mats Glenngard, electric violin
Matz Nilsson, bass
Stefan Brolund, bass
Peter Sundell, drums
Lars Beijbom, drums
Malando Gassama, percussion, conga, drums

Recorded December 1975 - March 1976
Engineered by Leif Allansson, Leif Mases
Mastered by Peter Strindberg
Co-producer by Lasse Samuelson

Digitally remastered

Jan Erik Tage (aka Janne Schaffer)
born 24 September 1945 in Stockholm, Sweden is a Swedish songwriter and guitarist. He is best known for his work as a session guitarist for ABBA but he has also recorded with artists such as Bob Marley, Johnny Nash, Art Farmer and Tony Williams. He also played at the 1977 Montreux Jazz Festival.

His 1979 album Earmeal included session work from brothers Jeff, Steve and Mike Porcaro, as well as their father, Joe Porcaro. This is one of the few instances where the entire Porcaro family appears together on one album, the most well-known examples being Toto's Toto IV and The Seventh One.

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