Bersarin Quartett Bersarin Quartett

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Label: denovali records

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Ambient

Interpret: Bersarin Quartett

Komponist: Thomas Bücker

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FLAC 48 $ 12,00
  • 1Oktober06:29
  • 2Geschichten von Interesse05:00
  • 3Inversion05:46
  • 4St. Petersburg05:21
  • 5Und die Welt steht still09:01
  • 6Die Dinge sind nie so wie sie sind08:03
  • 7Nachtblind04:02
  • 8Es kann nicht ewig Winter sein04:29
  • 9Endlich am Ziel04:43
  • 10Mehr als alles andere05:50
  • Total Runtime58:44

Info zu Bersarin Quartett

The classic debut album of Bersarin Quartett finally on HighResAudio. With some albums, you realise within a few seconds that here you have come across something really special. It is music that touches you straight away. Music that is important, that has a story to tell – and that manages to do so without even a single line of lyrics…

The debut album by the Bersarin Quartett is one of these albums. Wonderful orchestral pieces full of longing and melancholy. It is that certain kind of melancholy that seizes you when you are moved while following the final credits of an emotionally touching movie, remembering special moments that have faded in the course of many years and linger hazily in your memory, when you are somewhat wistfully contemplating old, worn photographs from days passed by…not a feeling of failure or hopelessness, but a bitter sweet reflection. Time and evanescence. This is the matching soundtrack.

Orchestral cinemascope sounds provide the emotionally moving fundament, wrap the tracks up in a warm coating. Graceful strings pile up, creating big moments and repeatedly ending in melodies that are simply heart-rending, cinematic and tragic. But the Bersarin Quartett does not merely rely on these ingredients. The songs are also repeatedly interspersed with suspenseful and surprising elements, be it frail electronica, hypnotic soundscapes, drums or reverbed guitars. Rarely has a melange sounded as convincing and natural as this, and rarely has it sounded so well produced.

Thomas himself calls his music “imaginary fictional filmscores“. And it is hardly possible to come up with a more apt term. 10 tracks for 10 movies that have yet to be shot. Music that radiates such an enormous and authentic passion in every single minute, that one can’t help but completely abandon oneself to it. And honestly: Can there be anything more wonderful that can be achieved through music?

„It's rare that I'm able to give an album my fullest recommendation without trepidation. (...) Bersarin Quartett is one such album. There’s nary a misstep, every potential danger has been avoided and smoothed out to present the optimal audio experience for your dollar. (...) Something this good can’t possibly be real.“ (The Silent Ballet - 8.5/10)

„So yes, references to Stars Of The Lid, Ulver’s Perdition City, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore and Cinematic Orchestra are fully justified. (...) An excellent debut album, great for nocturnal couch consumption, closing your eyes and dreaming away. (...) Slickly produced without becoming becoming empty chillout fastfood, Bersarin Quartett does what it promises and does it well and a recommendation for everyone into the bands I mentioned earlier.“ (Musique Machine - 5/5)

Bersarin Quartett (aka Thomas Bücker)
Bersarin Quartett is one-man project from Münster, Germany founded by Thomas Bücker in 2006.

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