Batterie faible Damso

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Label: Universal / AZ

Genre: Rap

Subgenre: Pop Rap

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  • 1Périscope02:31
  • 2Débrouillard04:03
  • 3Exutoire03:24
  • 4Quotidien de baisé03:11
  • 5Sombre02:57
  • 6QuedelaVie03:31
  • 7Amnésie03:34
  • 8Graine de sablier03:18
  • 9Beautiful03:42
  • 10BruxellesVie03:22
  • 11Autotune04:54
  • 12Monde03:38
  • Total Runtime42:05

Info zu Batterie faible

When talking about Belgian rap, it is believed Stromae, Hamza and Damso. In a few years, the latter two have made an undeniable street-cred in Brussels and country, increasing our neighbors to the rank outsider to that of leader of the new wave. Whoever rapping alongside Booba on 'Pinocchio' saw his side climb speed of light, to become one of the most anticipated emcees this summer. We met to talk with him about his meteoric arrival on the front of the stage.

In France, we thee roughly discovered 'Pinocchio' on Nero Nemesis Booba. You can tell us about this meeting and tell us a little about how it just evolved for you since?

Damso: Booba following me for a while, we have a friend in common. He contacted me, asked a few verses ... I put on three, four sounds quite dark but wanted something less dark. Everything went fast enough to 'Pinocchio', he directly loved. I signed on 92i and ... voila!

As Kaaris, you were discovered on an album of Booba. So, you are not bad compared both. It's one of the things that comes up most often in the papers we read on you. That does not bother you?

Damso: I knew it was coming, actually. 'Hustler', my first piece was the very flood trap and it was sure that people would compare us. But now, people surrounded me and they do not need to compare myself to so and so to know who I am. I have pieces that are very far from it: 'Fear of Being Sober', 'Autotune' and even 'Brussels Life.' This is not the Kaaris! After, I can understand, too: when something is new, the public needs benchmarks and comparison is inevitable. The purpose of my album is to understand who Damso. Kaaris, we compared it to DESPO RUTTI Stromae ... And also, we compared the ...

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