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Septeto Santiaguero
Septeto Santiaguero
was founded on February 2, 1995, a direct consequence of Melodías de Ayer, old formation that since 1962 was deeply tied to tradition of Santiago de Cuba and Casa de la Trova. Fernando Dewar, last director of Melodías de Ayer, decided with many of its members to look at the tradition from the contemporary with the septet format. Santiago de Cuba is the birthplace of Cuban son, all the traditional Cuban music, and in those places Septeto Santiaguero has been a success since its founding. The style is captivating, mainly for the powerful sound, accurate and overwhelming rythm and the heterogeneous projection that allows to satisfy diverse public and different compositions interests.

Septeto Santiaguero live is astonishing, in every performance they show their quality, based on respect for universal pleasures. They have the merit to create an extremely warm empathy with the public at each and every one of the performances.

Since the year of its founding Septeto Santiaguero began fighting for the international stages; Germany, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Holland, Hungary, England, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Finland, San Marino and Switzerland... among many others.

In Cuba they have been performing at major locations: Casa de la Música Habana, Casa de la Música in Miramar, Café Cantante of the National Theatre, Salón Rosado in la Tropical, Teatro Heredia, Santiago de Cuba Carnaval, in the "World Longer Son” (Guinness Record 1997, Salón Rosado in La Tropical), all editions of the Son Festival 'Matamoroson'; National Meeting Septet (1998, 1999, 2002 and 2009), Cubadisco (98, 99 and 2002), Festival of Country Music "Eduardo Saborit" (1998) and in all Festivals of Trova Pepe Sánchez since its founding to the present. Especially in the national septet meetings Septeto Santiaguero has taken flight, being the great attraction of each one in which they participated. Santiago de Cuba is the main source of this type of format and in that city Septeto Santiaguero is the patron of all Septets. At the end of 2009 was one of the bands chosen to participate in the Cuban TV program for the end of the year "No quiero llanto”.

In Santiago de Cuba it’s easy to find them, they usually play in Casa de la Trova and in Casa de la Música.

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