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After 3 years of intensive writing, Jodymoon are releasing their new album ‘All Is Waiting’ on February 27. It’s the first album that has not been recorded with an internationally well-known producer in a studio from abroad. Singer-songwriters Digna Janssen and Johan Smeets wanted to experience what would happen if they should eliminate all extra incentives. Written and recorded in a flat in Maastricht (NL), all songs on ‘All Is Waiting’ describe the long-winding process. Together with their violinist and cellist, the duo presented the new album on Sunday, March 8 in Paradiso (Amsterdam-NL). The band will tour up to the beginning of May.

Jodymoon won the public award of the ‘Grand prize of the Netherlands’ (winner 2008). The band performed in Canada, the UK and Italy and they opened for amongst others Joan Armatrading, Damien Jurado and Tom McRae. Their last album ‘The Life You Never Planned On’ (2012) received rave reviews. Musicmaker wrote “but above all, there's this voice, which strongly reminds us of Joni Mitchell and a greater compliment is hardly possible in my opinion” (*****), Jazzism “on this new aptitude test, their pop oriented roots music reaches an undisputed height” (****) and Revolver’s Lust for Life “we hear a rich set of instruments and the bluesy voice of vocalist Digna Janssen makes a deep impression” (****). The album was also released in Germany and yielded an extensive tour. On February 27, 2015 their 5th album ‘All Is Waiting’ will be released.

ALL IS WAITING: The common theme of the album is the long term process of doing what you love most. Thanks to and in spite of everything. The lyrics and the music describe the process of setting a course and holding on to it. Sometimes it’s a long road and sometimes it is a detour (The Long Way Round). Assuming that everything is yet to come (All Is Waiting).

An important role (besides the soulful voice of Digna Janssen) play the acoustic and slide guitars, this time complemented by the intimate sound of the upright piano. And then there is the string section of course: Marie-José Didderen (cello) and Wim Spaepen (violin). Johan Smeets wanted to discover the boundaries of the arrangements from very intimate to very big, almost on an orchestral level (907 Steps, There’s A Fire)

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