Boys And Girls in America (Deluxe Edition - Remastered) The Hold Steady

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  • 1Stuck Between Stations04:09
  • 2Chips Ahoy!03:09
  • 3Hot Soft Light03:53
  • 4Same Kooks02:47
  • 5First Night04:54
  • 6Party Pit03:56
  • 7You Can Make Him Like You02:48
  • 8Massive Nights02:53
  • 9Citrus02:44
  • 10Chillout Tent03:43
  • 11Southtown Girls05:10
  • 12Girls Like Status03:04
  • 13Arms & Hearts03:50
  • 14For Boston03:09
  • 15Teenage Liberation02:55
  • 16Citrus (Demo)02:38
  • 17Stuck Between Stations (Demo)04:05
  • 18Chips Ahoy! (Demo)03:13
  • 19Massive Nights (Demo)02:53
  • 20Chillout Tent (Demo)03:08
  • 21First Night (Demo)04:57
  • 22Hot Soft Light (Demo)04:00
  • 23Same Kooks (Demo)02:50
  • 24Arms & Hearts (Demo)02:44
  • 25For Boston (Demo)03:18
  • 26Teenage Liberation (Demo)03:05
  • 27Girls Like Status (Demo)03:20
  • 28Chillout Tent (Early Demo)03:00
  • Total Runtime01:36:15

Info zu Boys And Girls in America (Deluxe Edition - Remastered)

The Strokes' breakthrough of the early 2000s made indie rock safe for unabashed retro stylings, and no band embraced this ethos more than Brooklyn's the Hold Steady. Synonymous with "throwback" and "bar band," their excellent debut heralded the return of spirited, no-frills rock. Whereas that record brilliantly fused indie aesthetics with the blue-collarisms of Springsteen and Thin Lizzy, „Boys And Girls in America“, their third full-length and Vagrant debut, finds them getting away from indie rock for a full-blown Springsteen fixation.

The whole record echoes the piano-driven orchestral bombast of BORN TO RUN particularly on the opening track, "Stuck Between Stations" (read: "Thunder Road") and the drunken ballad "First Night" (read: "Backstreets"). It doesn't help matters that Craig Finn's throat-and-guts yowl recalls the Boss's more than ever. The difference comes with the lyrics: while Springsteen's offer hope in the face of despair, Finn's wallow in parties that aren't fun anymore, mixed signals and missed opportunities with women, and chemical crutches. The latter figure prominently, and Finn's raw talent for barstool poetics--like "some nights the painkillers make the pain even worse" from "Chips Ahoy"--is unmatched. Finn's undeniable talent positions him--despite his idolatry--less as his generation's Springsteen and more like its Shane MacGowan. No small feat, that.

Dana Kletter, vocals
Dave Pirner, vocals
Elizabeth Elmore, vocals
Drew Glackin, lap steel guitar
Jean Cook, violin
Caleb Burhans, viola
Peter Hess, tenor saxophone
Lloyd Debonis, trumpet
Alan Ferber, trombone

Produced by John Agnello

Digitally remastered

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