Warm Leatherette (Deluxe Edition - Remaster) Grace Jones

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  • 1Warm Leatherette04:29
  • 2Private Life05:14
  • 3A Rolling Stone03:32
  • 4Love Is The Drug07:12
  • 5The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game03:51
  • 6Bullshit05:22
  • 7Breakdown05:32
  • 8Pars04:10
  • 9Warm Leatherette (Long Version)05:37
  • 10Private Life (Long Version)06:20
  • 11A Rolling Stone (Long Version)05:44
  • 12Love Is The Drug (Long Version)08:42
  • 13The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (Long Version)06:48
  • 14Pars (Long Version)05:42
  • 15Private Life (Long Version 2)07:55
  • 16Private Life (Dub Version)08:06
  • 17She's Lost Control (Long Version)08:23
  • 18She's Lost Control (Dub Version)08:38
  • 19Love Is The Drug (Single Version)04:41
  • 20Private Life (Single Version)04:39
  • 21She's Lost Control (Single Version)03:47
  • 22The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (Special Single Version)03:22
  • 23Breakdown (U.S. Single Edit)03:08
  • 24Pars (Single Version)04:24
  • 25Pars (Dub Version)04:42
  • 26Love Is The Drug (12 Single Remix)07:24
  • 27Private Life (12 Single Remix)07:06
  • 28She's Lost Control (Long Version 2)06:43
  • 29She's Lost Control (Long Version 3)05:49
  • 30Love Is The Drug (Single Remix)03:23
  • 31Private Life (Single Remix)04:04
  • 32Warm Leatherette (Francois Kevorkian Remix)06:28
  • Total Runtime03:00:57

Info zu Warm Leatherette (Deluxe Edition - Remaster)

Warm Leatherette represents a watershed moment in the career of Grace Jones. It was the first of her much loved and critically-lauded ‘Compass Point trilogy’ and also very much a leap into the unknown when it was released on Island Records in May 1980. At that time, Jones had a reputation as a disco-diva second to none, a fact underlined by her first three Island albums (Fame, Portfolio and Muse). But, by the end of the 70s, disco was over. It was time to move on.

This is a beautiful newly-remastered collection, bringing together the entire Warm Leatherette album, b-sides and rare in-era mixes and instrumental versions. It is a perfect demonstration of players, writers, producers, at the very apex of their game, headed up by the most singular performer, singing as if her life depended on it.

„Grace Jones teamed with the great reggae production duo of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare on this '80 album, and made the transition from straight dance and club act into quasi-pop star with reggae and urban contemporary leaning. The single 'Private Life' was one of her best, and the overall album had more energy and production gloss than previous LPs that had been aimed completely at the club market. It helped that Jones seemed enthused about the session and really put herself into the songs.“ (Ron Wynn, AMG)

Grace Jones, vocals, background vocals
Wally Badarou, keyboards
Mikey Chung, guitar
Barry Reynolds, guitar
Robbie Shakespeare, bass
Sly Dunbar, drums
Uziah Thompson, percussion

Recorded & mixed at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas
Engineered and mixed by Chris Blackwell, Alex Sadkin
Mastering by Ted Jensen
Produced by Chris Blackwell, Alex Sadkin

Digitally remastered

Grace Jones
Born in Jamaica in 1948, Grace Jones became an icon of modern music with a pioneering electronic pop sound and an inimitable style. The singer and actress started out as a model, regularly appearing at the New York City nightclub Studio 54, before securing a record deal with Island Records in 1977, which resulted in a string of dance-club hits.

In the late 1970s, she adapted the emerging electronic music style and adopted a severe, androgynous look. Many of her singles were hits on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play and Hot Dance Airplay charts and Jones was also able to find mainstream success in Europe, particularly the United Kingdom. Her most notable albums are Warm Leatherette, Nightclubbing and Slave to the Rhythm, with big hits including “Pull Up to the Bumper”, “I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)”, “Private Life”, “Slave to the Rhythm” and “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect for You)”.

An icon of modern music, Jones has since also acted and featured in a series of fashion and photography projects, not least for The Vinyl Factory in collaboration with groundbreaking light artist Chris Levine.

While she enjoyed her greatest success in the late 70′s and 80’s, Jones continues to write and perform, collaborating with artists and musicians, and is recognized as one of the most important and influential figures in the history of pop music.

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